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Brian Stewart
Brian Stewart

Code Blocks Toolbar Disappeared

I sorry to ask this lame question but I'ev searched everywhere else and could not find an answer.The bar that show the tab name in codeblocks is gone.when I open multiple files I don't know which one I am in.This is bothering me.How can I get it back?

code blocks toolbar disappeared

Backend editor Frontend editor Guttenberg editorI then have tabs of either Visual or text, however the visual tab is showing like the text tab (with loads of code) it still has the tool bar at the top with some options, but not like before. I am not seeing any of the blocks, just code.

Cell toolbar: a toolbar of the code cell with the most popular commands. By default, cell toolbars are disabled. To enable them, open project Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S), go to Languages & Frameworks Jupyter, and select the Show cell toolbar checkbox. 350c69d7ab

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