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On May 3, 2013, the group VENOM released the first game for the Wii U: Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth. The disk image is a .iso file in Wii U Optical Disc format (WUOD), Nintendo's proprietary disc format for the Wii U. Like other console scene firsts, the game isn't playable on the console yet.[149] This first scene release was a few days after the Wii U was announced to be allegedly hacked by the mod chip developer WiiKey.[150] Based on the file date of the RAR archives, VENOM had already created the ISO file more than a month before pre. This is the point in time when they first made the files available within the scene through their affiliated sites.[13]Later, Venom's Release was found to be a bad dump, so the real first Wii U game dumped was by PoWeRUp, which has been confirmed as PROPER.


Kali Linux is a distribution of Linux designed specifically for penetration testing. Never used it myself (not actually used Linux in general) but as some of the tools it includes are used for testing security, it probably comes with tools that can in the wrong hands, be used for nefarious things e.g. hacking.

As mentioned Kali Linux is used for hacking - can be used by ethical hackers, but also blackhat hackers. So some of the tools will be classed as malicious or dangerous etc. because they can be. Googling it suggests making sure the hash is correct if unsure, but if from the offical site it will be okay 076b4e4f54

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