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Koizora Sky Of Love Film 38

Miura made his acting debut in the television drama adaptation of the novel Agri when he was seven years old.[3][4] He was enrolled at the Tsukuba branch of Actors Studio and was concurrently a member of the boy band Brash Brats with two other students.[5] Following the closure of Actors Studio, the three signed to Amuse Inc. As Brash Brats went on indefinite hiatus in 2005, Miura continued his acting career. Early notable television projects that he appeared in include Ima, Ai ni Ikimasu, Unfair, Children, 14-sai no Haha, and Fight.[6][7][4] He also appeared in the films Mori no Gakkō and Akihabara@Deep.[8][9] His first starring role was Taiyō Sasaki in the 2006 film Catch a Wave.[6][7]

Koizora Sky Of Love Film 38


In 2007, Miura starred in the film Koizora as Hiro,[10] and he also appeared in the film Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge.[11] Following the release of Koizora, Miura won Newcomer of the Year for his role in the film at the 31st Japan Academy Film Prize.[12] In 2008, he was cast as Ryo Shiraishi in Binbō Danshi,[13] Ren Kazama in the third season of Gokusen,[14] and Fujimaru Takagi in the live-action television drama adaptation of Bloody Monday,[15] as well as a guest appearance in a special episode of Galileo as a younger version of the main character, Manabu Yukawa.[16] In addition, he appeared in the music video for "Umaku Ienai" by Yuzu.[17] Miura later starred in the film Naoko and won the Sponichi Grand Prix Newcomer Award at the 63rd Mainichi Film Awards for his performance.[18][19] In October 2008, he released his second photobook, Letters.[20] By the end of 2008, Miura's rise in popularity led him to rank No. 3 on Oricon's annual list of "18-year-olds expected to be successful" in 2008.[21] Oricon ranked him No. 1 in a list of "most anticipated actors for 2009."[22] He also ranked No. 1 in a list of "actors of interest" in a survey published by the magazine Ori-Star.[23]

In February 2009, Miura was one of seven recipients who won Newcomer of the Year at the 2009 Elan d'or Awards.[24] In April 2009, he appeared in the film Crows Zero 2 as Tatsuya Bitō.[25][26] In March 2009, he reprised his role in Gokusen: The Movie, which was later released in July 2009.[27][28] From June 20, 2009 to July 26, 2009, Miura starred in his first stage production, Hoshi no Daichi ni Furu Namida.[29][30] In September 2009, Miura was cast as Kotaro Mochizuki in Samurai Seventeen, which was later renamed Samurai High School;[31] this was his first leading role in an NTV drama.[32]

In May 2011, Miura played Kensuke Sanada in the episode "Janken" of television mini-series Yo ni mo Kimyō na Monogatari in during the 2011 spring serialization.[40] He appeared in the television drama Saigo no Bansan: Keiji Tōno Kazuyuki to 7-nin no Yōgisha as Eiji Miyata in the last 45 seconds of the final episode as a teaser to the television drama Hi wa Mata Noboru, which he starred in.[41] Hi wa Mata Noboru was later broadcast in July 2011.[42] In June 2011, Miura starred in the film Tokyo Park.[43] On November 11, 2011, Miura and Satoh released a second part of their video diary, titled HT: Sekidō no Mashita de, Nabe no Tsutsuku, which was filmed in Malaysia.[44][45][46] The DVD charted at #2 on the Oricon Weekly DVD Chart and sold 14,000 physical copies on its first week of release, making it the best-selling male idol DVD since Private of W-inds in 2002.[47]

In 2012, Miura co-starred in the stage play Kaitō Seven as Wild Upper.[48] He then played lead in episode 8 of the television mini-series Keigo Higashino Mysteries.[47] From 2012 to 2013, he co-starred in the stage play Zipang Punk: Goemon Rock III as a guest performer, portraying Akechi Shinkuro.[49] In 2013, Miura co-starred in Last Cinderella as Hiroto Saeki.[50] Last Cinderella enjoyed high ratings throughout its broadcast, and the producers of the series partially attribute its success from the "playful" sex appeal of the characters, particularly the scene of Miura's character taking a shower.[51][52] In the same year, Miura co-starred in the animated film Harlock: Space Pirate, providing the voice to Yama.[53] He also co-starred in the film The Eternal Zero as Kentaro Saeki,[54] and he was nominated as Best Supporting Actor at the 38th Japan Academy Prize for his performance.[6]

In 2014, Miura starred in the television drama Boku no Ita Jikan as Takuto Sawada and Satsujin Hensanchi 70 as Keisuke Miyahara.[55][56] On April 18, 2015, he released his fourth photobook, Fureru.[57] In June 2014, he starred in the music video for "Bakemono" by Nico Touches the Walls.[58] In July 2014, at the 51st Galaxy Award, Miura won the Individual Award for his performances on Last Cinderella and Boku no Ita Jikan.[59] He also starred in the live-action film adaptation of Five Minutes to Tomorrow, a Japanese-Chinese co-production, and learned Mandarin Chinese for the film.[60] In 2015, Miura portrayed Val Xavier in the Japanese stage production of Orpheus Descending.[61] He also portrayed Eren Jaeger in the two-part live-action film adaptation of Attack on Titan, with both films releasing in 2015.[62][63][64]

In 2018, Miura co-starred in the Japanese film remake of the 2011 South Korean film Sunny, portraying Wataru Fujii,[72] as well as the film A Banana? At This Time of Night?[73] He was cast as Sato in the live-action film adaptation of the novel Eine Klein Nachtmusik, which was released in 2019 and also screened internationally under the title Little Nights, Little Love.[72] He also appeared in Gintama 2 as Kamotarō Itō.[73] On television, Miura became a co-host for the travel program Sekai wa Hoshii Mono ni Afureteru: Tabi Suru Buyer Gokujō List with Juju.[74] For the fall 2018 season of Yo ni mo Kimyō na Monogatari, Miura starred in the episode "Asu e no Warp" as Mineo Kobayashi,[40] as well as Makoto Ameku in episode 1 of the television mini-series Tourist.[75] He starred in the television drama Dying Eye as Shinsuke Amemura.[76]

In early 2019, Miura was cast in the film The Confidence Man JP as Jesse, which released later in the year.[77] He starred in the Japanese stage production of Crime and Punishment as Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov.[78] He reprised his role as Lola for the 2019 re-run of the Japanese production of Kinky Boots.[79] In April 2019, Miura was cast as Daichi Yūki in the television drama, Two Weeks, as his first kayōku (Tuesday 9 PM) drama.[80] In June 2019, Miura announced he was releasing his debut single, "Fight for Your Heart", as the theme song for Two Weeks.[81] "Fight for Your Heart" released on August 7, 2019,[81] charting at #12 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart and #34 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 on its first week of release.[82][83] Miura also won the Asia Star Award at the Seoul International Drama Awards for his performance in Two Weeks.[84] In November 2019, Miura was cast in the live-action film adaptation of the manga Brave: Gunjō Seiki as Matsudaira Motoyasu.[85]

Miura reprised his role as Jesse for The Confidence Man JP: Episode of the Princess.[86] In March 2020, he was cast as Hiroyuki Ishimura in the television drama Gift of Fire, which was set to broadcast in August 2020,[87] and reprised his role for the series' film continuation.[88] In the same month, he released his fifth photobook, Nihonsei, in two different versions, with one version including a documentary photobook.[89] He co-starred in the Japanese stage production of Whistle Down the Wind as The Man, which ran from March 7 to April 23, 2020.[90] On his 30th birthday on April 5, 2020, he revealed on an Instagram live-stream that he was releasing "Night Diver" as his second single in early Q3 2020, which contained three songs from different genres including a dance song and a love song.[91] He also stated that he composed and wrote the lyrics for "You & I", one of the B-side tracks,[91][92] and "Night Diver" was later set to debut on Music Station on July 24, 2020.[93] He was set to have his first concert events in Q4 2020, but they were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and were planned to be live-streamed instead.[92] He co-starred in the television drama Love Will Begin When Money End, which will be broadcast in September 2020,[94] and was also cast in the musical The Illusionist, which was set to run in December 2020.[95]

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Languages: Japanese / Subtitles: English, Chinese optional. / Based on the original cell phone novel that moved 20 million to tears. Mika (Yui Aragaki) and Hiro (Haruma Miura) are in their first year of high school when they fall in love with each other. They vow to overcome all obstacles together and love each other forever. However, in their second year, Hiro initiates a break-up with Mika. After the failure of her first love, a deeply hurt Mika befriended a university student, Yu (Keisuke Koide). In order to forget Hiro, Mika dates Yu. She is touched by Yu's patience and gentleness and decides to accept his love. Mika manages to enter the same university as Yu. During their first Christmas together, Mika discovers a heart-breaking secret about Hiro. 350c69d7ab

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